Contemporary Dance Performance by Shang-Chi Sun (2012)

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The world of BREAKFAST is a kitchen, early in the morning. This is a special moment: between night and day, between wakefulness and abandoned dreams. One is busy with rebuilding himself for the day, arranging his thoughts, and adjusting the reality. Images, smells, news, taste, touch, sounds... These impressions are mixed. The breakfast is also a sensory explosion that can often not be processed immediately. At that moment, the fragmentation of individual impressions is strong. And this can still be seen and viewed with serenity, distance, irony or anger for a couple of minutes - before jumping into the bustle of the day.

Together with the author Gordon Florenkowsky and the filmmaker Krzysztof Honowski, Shang-Chi Sun creates a live dance film. He leads the attention of the audience on undefined paths at the hedge between reality and fiction, truth and lies, emotions and comedy. With three cameras on stage recording and showing live on a big screen the relationship, the fights, the dreams of three performers, the audience is brought close to them and is completely part of their emotions and their thoughts.

A surreal journey experiencing the sound of skin texture, the touch of a voice and the smell of dreams...(from