Achim Plum
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...I am not a professional photographer. Not too difficult to see, I guess. It's a past-time as is my work as a freelance photo journalist. I admire those guys who can live from it. I would starve. In my other life, I am geneticist who turned to the dark side of business, who turned... well I don't know yet. 


My press work so far was mostly for a column by the writer and journalist Kevin Chen on life and culture in Berlin for Mandarin Daily News (Taiwan). The columns were the basis for two books by Kevin Chen on Berlin: 'Rebellious Berlin' (published 2011 in Taiwan and 2013 in China) and 'Berlin continues to rebel' (published 2014 in Taiwan). To manage expectations, these are text books with with great stories by Kevin Chen and some illustrating pictures by me. So don't expect glossy coffee table books. But they were a start and working on them was a lot of fun.


Occasionally I do some work for the Strait Times (Singapore), and the Performing Arts Review (Taiwan). Further work included some CD covers or production shots for friends in the music and performing arts world.  


With my regular job demanding me to travel a lot in the last years, I turned more to portrait photography and studio work that is easier to fit into a tight schedule. 


By the way, the name FRAMECHASER  was inspired by a book by David duChemin titled "Within the Frame". A great read that made me pick up photography as a hobby again in 2009. Also, it reminds me that photography should not be about technology but a good eye for the subject matter and the moment. And here I am, chasing for frames that go a little bit beyond the usual snapshot and make me pause for a moment. I hope you enjoy the results of my hunting and perhaps some of them may have the same effect on you.   


A note on copyright...

I am an amateur doing this for fun. Nevertheless, I am the owner of my works and want to be in control of what happens with them. In lawyer speak this means: all graphics, photographs, and text appearing on the domains and are protected by copyright. Redistribution or commercial use is prohibited without express written permission. Please contact me here for permission and terms of use. Be assured that I will be open to your requests.